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We originally started as “Strictly Reading” around 2003, born out the frustration of no proper information on the festival in a presentable format. in short, nothing out there with the ticket buyers in mind.

We then decided to create “Strictly Leeds” and due to popularity, combined the two in 2011 to make the site you see now.

We have always been and always will be a site for the fans, by the fans. We actively don’t seek to make a profit which is why you’ll see no paid advertisement on this site. We’ll only link to stuff that we ourselves find interesting or think you might, free of affiliate links and all that jazz. We’re not officially affiliated with the festival in anyway. We’re totally independent.

We are all volunteers. We do this for our love of the festivals. Everything we do i to promote the festivals we care about – not for our own good but for the good of you and the promoters.