Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites: Asatru Liturgy in Traditional Verse

Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites: Asatru Liturgy in Traditional Verse

English | July 5, 2017 | ISBN: 1947407007, 1947407015 | EPUB | 244 Pages | 2 MB

Honor the Gods with the ancient poetic forms!

Now, for the first time in perhaps hundreds of years, here is a vast new collection of liturgical poetry for honoring the Aesir and Vanir in the alliterative meters that the Gods and their worshippers used in the Viking Age. To the Gods, poetry is a precious mead - brewed from honey and the blood of wisdom - which was brought to Asgard by ¨Žeinn himself. Isn't it only fitting that you offer them some of that mead in your rites?

Inside, you will find poetry for hallowing ritual space, telling stories from the mythology, inviting the Gods and other holy beings to your blessings, dialogue for ritual dramas, praise poems for the Gods and others, sumbel toasts, prayers, and more.

Eirik Westcoat is a long-time Asatruar who has presented his award-winning poetry at several regional Asatru gatherings in the American Northeast. In addition to being a poet, he is also a scholar with a degree in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies who specializes in Old Norse mythology, poets, and poetry, with published articles on the galdralag meter and the meaning of the valknut. This is his first book of poetry.


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