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5 Ways Which Reading and Leeds Have Failed

Petty? Ranty? Poor? Yes, this article is all those things and many more. These are the opinions of only one individual in a world of billions. Everything is factual as far as I understand but if not, please don’t sue me, I’m an idiot.

Ticket Fiasco

Sure, Festival Republic may not have been directly responsible for this but they need to address the issues. Tickets not arriving at all, meaning people have to pick them up in different locations despite paying for P&P. Different information being given out about the card holder having to be present. The final instalment for the deposit inexplicably being rejected , meaning some people lost £150. Early entry tickets not arriving until the day (or at all). No one from SEE tickets willing to communicate on the fiasco.

Why use SEE tickets then? Simple – they give the largest kickback to the promoters, or at least this was the case a few years ago. They’re a liability. FR would do good to come up with their own system which they could also manage the secondary ticket market through.

No Set Times

It’s 2014, people expect set times so they can organise their festival. Regardless of whether you practice this dark art or not, people do like to know what to see. Whether they keep to it or not is not the issue. As of writing, there’s still 4 stages without times. That’s before we mention the huge discrepancy between web and mobile app times. You know the biggest fuck up of them all, FR won’t supply you with the dates in an easy to read manner. No, you have to manually click a few hundred times on a web page and copy/paste/write the band and time if you want to build up a full timetable.

Sure, we could provide you with a clear schedule but after being threatened with legal action a few years back, we don’t fancy doing it again. Still, doesn’t stop clashfinder from doing it along with a plethora of other sites. Along with being banned from accreditation, it’s almost like we’re not liked FR are missing a trick but with the levels on ineptitude shown in the other posts, I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s ridiculous and a major spit in the face of every attendee.

No Digital / PR Awareness

The forums are shit – plain and simple. The mods/admins slate even slate it. Go and have a look for yourself. The social media accounts are run like someone is going through the “Dummies Guide to Patronising Teenagers Online” and now they’re stuck on chapter 2. All the campaigns and initiatives so far have been laughable at best, and not in a good way. It’s just all so “meh”

Banning Toilet Paper

Taking the piss/shit – they tried to ban frickin’ toilet paper! No seriously, they actually fucking did. That was until a number of people made the point this was in direct violation of their license.

Criminalls Short Headline Sets

QoTSA and both fans of Paramore will see just over an hour of each band. QoTSA just got slightly less with their sub headliner sets at Reading, Leeds and Download. there’s bands lower down the pecking order on other stages who get similar times. We want to see full blown headline sets and not some stripped down set wishing of what could have been



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