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MCR Are Bad, But UNKLE & Beady Eye Make It Worse


Beady Eye: Making Matters Worse

Let’s make it clear from the start, I’d rather molest the gonads of a greyhound than watch My Chemical Romance attempt to play instruments and sing songs. Tom cited most of the reasons I firmly believe that they shouldn’t play but what festival promoters usually do is to put someone else on the other stage to compensate. However Festival Republic have dealt us such a crap hand of alternatives that there might be more noise coming from the campsites than the stages.

For anyone that has an interest in decent rock music, metal, punk, dance, hip-hop, heck, any sort of decent music will be better off listening to their iPod on the evening where MCR, Beady Eye, UNKLE and Horrors play.

Beady Eye – stuck for words actually…Oh wait no, they’re shit. A band only famous for being famous, headlining the NME tent is just depressing. Then again, I suppose it does make sense. A tent sponsored by NME would look out of place if it had someone with any talent headlining. You can expect the tent to be full of people sporting Liam’s latest fashion line or the odd piece of Oasis memorabilia. It’s blinking on nostalgic in the same way that 25 Cromwell Street is. Seriously a band with such an elitist and narrow minded following is hardly going to contribute to the occasion, the day and, more importantly, the festival.

UNKLE: Dated, Predictable, Uninspired

UNKLE – Jesus Christ, if anything defines a scarily predictable and safe booking it’s UNKLE. It’s not so much that they’re bad but as a viable option to MCR, it just doesn’t sit well. Obviously add the fact that UNKLE aren’t actually that good either and you realise that, yet again, this is an awful booking. You see; a booking still can be awful despite a band being awesome: for example, Glassjaw playing on the wrong stage and OFWGKTA playing so low. It’s like FR have people booking each stage without any consideration of who is playing elsewhere.

Finally for music (at the time of writing) we have The Horrors. Actually, not the worst band and not the worst booking but what the fuck are they doing on a tiny stage, tucked away in the shabby corner of the arena? Sure they’ll get a good crowd but again, it’s as though comprising the line-up is down to whichever record company makes the most noise. So realistically, the only viable option for anyone that wants anywhere decent music is to see The Horrors in a tiny tent.


Look at Download Festival for example

  • Def Leppard vs Pendulum vs Danzig
  • System of a Down vs Alice Cooper vs Funeral For a Friend
  • Linkin Park vs Rob Zombie vs Frank Turner

Something for everyone – yeah I understand that DLF tailors for the heavier side of music but still; they’re catering for the audience very well with the headliners. This is something Reading Festival and Leeds Festival have failed to do.

So for close to £200 or £100 if you stupidly bought a day ticket, you have the choice of a teen pop band on the main stage, some twats from Manchester on the NME stage, someone pressing “demo” on a keyboard or some cool kids in a hole. You’d have a better time at the silent disco where you probably can catch all acts and have a better time.




Author: david

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