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Skindred Interview

So we caught up with Mikey from Skindred about their upcoming shows at Reading and Leeds Festivals. Whilst we can’t say too much, just stay tuned into the official Facebook page, Twitter feed and website over the coming weeks

Don’t forget to answer Mikey’s question at the very end!!!

How come it’s taken so long to play Reading and Leeds? Have you been there as a punter?

We’ve always believed we are a crossover band, who can be enjoyed by all different kinds of people. We are very excited about our Reading / Leeds appearance, we expect to see a whole heap of our fans and hopefully make some new ones. We’ve been favourites at other festivals around the world, we can’t wait to make our mark on Reading & Leeds! I’ve been to Reading many many times having lived there for years in my youth…

Who are you looking forward to seeing and gutted to be missing?

I’m really looking forward to seeing System Of A Down and the Deftones… I’ve never seen Green Day so I’m looking forward to that too. The lineup is so good it’s gonna be hard to see everyone! Gutted to be missing Biffy & NIN, amongst many others…

You’ve played Download and Sonisphere before – are you going to approach Reading and Leeds any different? Can we expect surprises or is it going to be a no nonsense Skindred show? Can we expect silver suits or golden horses heads?

We’re constructing our set currently! We’re gonna be doing our thing like we do. We plan to come out guns blazing & take the roof off. There will be some fan favourite Skindred tunes, some new stuff too. We’re really excited to drop new songs on the UK crowd – the new songs are worth the wait! I’m sure there will be room for a few surprises too. As for disguises I’m not too sure… The horses head seemed like a good idea at the time – the inability to play was an unfortunate byproduct of trying to summon my inner power animal! Yeah I probably won’t be doing that again for a while…

There’s been a lot of hype about your new album (Kill The Power) with some saying it’s going to take you to the next stage. Would you say this is the album that represents you best as a band? Does it display where Skindred are as a band right now?

I’m stoked people are excited for the album, we can’t wait to release it. It’s the closest we’ve got to summing ourselves up, we’ve delved deeper than ever before into our various niches and influences. We’ve made a bold, dynamic and powerful album which lives up to the hype, it’s going to redress the balance that states we’re stronger live than on record. Kill The Power is truly the best Skindred album yet.

Will you be performing new tracks at Reading and Leeds?

Yeah we are planning to drop some new stuff on the crowd. We’ve been road testing a new song in our set at European festivals this summer, it’s been a real high point of our live show!

Will this album help bridge the gap between a studio recording and your live performances?

We feel this album is definitely the most exciting record we’ve ever made. It boasts fantastic production and killer songs, we really wanted to make a varied and colourful album and I feel we’ve more than achieved that goal. Kill The Power was a lot of fun to record, the songs were forged in loud fucking rehearsal rooms and are meant to be played loud too. It’s the closest you can get to a Skindred gig without getting your helicopter on!

I’ve been lucky enough to see you a dozen times – do you ever review your shows or just take each gig as it comes?

We are constantly striving to improve on our live show, we have a good reputation so we like to keep our chops up. We like to treat every single show with the same energy and power that we’re known for – although it’s safe to say we’ve got a little extra excitement for Reading & Leeds!

Have you got a UK tour planned already?

Yep, we’re putting it together now. We wanted to bring the new material to the masses and put a great package together, it’s going to be something special. I can’t reveal too much about it, but we have some great support bands lined up, and will be announcing the dates very soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

What questions would you want to ask your fans?

Other than thanking the fans for their continued support, I’d like to ask what is it about Skindred that gets you & your mates to a show? What is it about us that sets us apart from the rest?

Finally – Reading or Leeds?

I have to say Reading, the festival is very close to my heart as it was on my doorstep for so many years. That said, I’ve never been to Leeds festival, so it could be superior! I will keep an open mind, it’s down to the crowds to forge my opinion! May the best crowd win…



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