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Reading and Leeds 2015 Tickets

Reading and Leeds 2015 Tickets

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The grand old tradition of band bottling /news/the-grand-old-tradition-of-band-bottling/ /news/the-grand-old-tradition-of-band-bottling/#comments Thu, 21 Aug 2014 18:01:47 +0000 /?p=24240 Anyone who’s ever been to a big music festival can tell you that one of the more bizarre traditions of the weekend is the bottling of bands. Every year some poor unsuspecting musician gets to enjoy the attention of dozens of piss filled bottles. Whether you find it disgustingly childish or all part of the festival fun, you can be sure to see a few airborne catheter bags this weekend.

What makes a seemingly normal person piss into a bottle? Well, it could be the amount of effort it takes to extricate yourself from the crowd and queue for a horrendously smelling portaloo. That you have a severe dislike for a specific musician or even genre of music. Or simply that you can’t stand an act’s outfit and reckon they’d look a lot better covered in urine.

Who wouldn't want to throw piss at this lot?

Who wouldn’t want to throw piss at this lot?

Reading and Leeds festival has hosted countless of serious names in rock music over the years and attracts a lot of hard core fans, a portion of who relish in throwing whatever they can get their reprobate hands on. One of the more notable incidents is the 2004 bottling of 50 Cent, who lasted a measly twenty minutes before storming off the stage mid set, it’s been reported that the crowd was reacting to his bad attitude but it could also be that the Green Day fans were getting a little restless.

It’s often the more alternate or wild card acts that have to duck and block the piss filled missiles. Panic! At the disco’s Brendan Urie stuck it out in 2006, picking up right where he left off after receiving help backstage whereas Daphne and Celeste only managed two songs before walking off and supposedly broke up over the incident. Rubbish Pop fans everywhere wept, possibly.

Could the crowd take inspiration from the successful bottling of 50 Cent and target a hip hop artist or might it be Gerard Way battling off the bottles for a second time? Tell us, who would you cover in urine this year?

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Reading and Leeds Set Times 2014 /features/reading-and-leeds-set-times-2014/ /features/reading-and-leeds-set-times-2014/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 14:26:39 +0000 /?p=24220 Originally grabbed from and courtesy of Virtual Festivals

We will be adding more as soon as we can get our hands on them from other sites. We do realise some of the times are odd but that’s not our fault, we promise!

Web Version

App Version

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5 Ways Which Reading and Leeds Have Failed /features/5-ways-which-reading-and-leeds-have-failed/ /features/5-ways-which-reading-and-leeds-have-failed/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:46:53 +0000 /?p=24212 Petty? Ranty? Poor? Yes, this article is all those things and many more. These are the opinions of only one individual in a world of billions. Everything is factual as far as I understand but if not, please don’t sue me, I’m an idiot.

Ticket Fiasco

Sure, Festival Republic may not have been directly responsible for this but they need to address the issues. Tickets not arriving at all, meaning people have to pick them up in different locations despite paying for P&P. Different information being given out about the card holder having to be present. The final instalment for the deposit inexplicably being rejected , meaning some people lost £150. Early entry tickets not arriving until the day (or at all). No one from SEE tickets willing to communicate on the fiasco.

Why use SEE tickets then? Simple – they give the largest kickback to the promoters, or at least this was the case a few years ago. They’re a liability. FR would do good to come up with their own system which they could also manage the secondary ticket market through.

No Set Times

It’s 2014, people expect set times so they can organise their festival. Regardless of whether you practice this dark art or not, people do like to know what to see. Whether they keep to it or not is not the issue. As of writing, there’s still 4 stages without times. That’s before we mention the huge discrepancy between web and mobile app times. You know the biggest fuck up of them all, FR won’t supply you with the dates in an easy to read manner. No, you have to manually click a few hundred times on a web page and copy/paste/write the band and time if you want to build up a full timetable.

Sure, we could provide you with a clear schedule but after being threatened with legal action a few years back, we don’t fancy doing it again. Still, doesn’t stop clashfinder from doing it along with a plethora of other sites. Along with being banned from accreditation, it’s almost like we’re not liked FR are missing a trick but with the levels on ineptitude shown in the other posts, I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s ridiculous and a major spit in the face of every attendee.

No Digital / PR Awareness

The forums are shit – plain and simple. The mods/admins slate even slate it. Go and have a look for yourself. The social media accounts are run like someone is going through the “Dummies Guide to Patronising Teenagers Online” and now they’re stuck on chapter 2. All the campaigns and initiatives so far have been laughable at best, and not in a good way. It’s just all so “meh”

Banning Toilet Paper

Taking the piss/shit – they tried to ban frickin’ toilet paper! No seriously, they actually fucking did. That was until a number of people made the point this was in direct violation of their license.

Criminalls Short Headline Sets

QoTSA and both fans of Paramore will see just over an hour of each band. QoTSA just got slightly less with their sub headliner sets at Reading, Leeds and Download. there’s bands lower down the pecking order on other stages who get similar times. We want to see full blown headline sets and not some stripped down set wishing of what could have been

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5 Key Questions For Reading & Leeds 2014 /features/5-key-questions-for-reading-leeds-2014-2/ /features/5-key-questions-for-reading-leeds-2014-2/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:36:01 +0000 /?p=24205

1. Will either Paramore or Queens Of The Stone Age walk away from R&L 2014 looking like real headliners?

We could of asked “who will come out on top in this wannabe headliner duel”, but, in truth, both Queens Of The Stone Age and Paramore caught a massive break from the bookers. Despite Jimmy Eat World bringing some broader appeal to the Lock Up, the competition is noticeably weak: Metronomy, The Courteeners, Netsky, Giggs and Palma Violets, while all credible acts in their own right, are unlikely to send thousands-upon-thousands of fans scurrying away from the Main Stage (think Disclosure vs. NIN last year).

Josh Homme’s rock behemoth struggled to retain a headline worthy crowd in the face of Mumford & Sons last time out, but this year he will have Reading and Leeds’ full attention. The question now changes: who is better placed to make the most of what is sure to be a giant audience?

Paramore certainly have the feel of crowd pleasers. They have hummable hits, hooks that even the most stubborn detractor couldn’t hope to avoid and a new album that earned genuine critical kudos. They are the natural party starters. Queens Of The Stone Age on the other hand, whose shows can vary wildly in style and approach, have the heft and the musicianship to pull of something awe inspiring – the kind of show that grinds the audience into the dust while sending jaws crashing to the floor.

Strictly hopes both bands live up to their potential, but in truth, we expect wobbles. Thankfully, a clever piece of booking should ensure that one headliner covers up for the other’s weaknesses, Paramore provide the zip and the sugar, QOSTA supply the heft and atmospherics – expect a solid one-two combination, rather than a devastating one punch knock out.

2. The Sunday main stage – what the hell? 

Every act on the Sunday main stage could and should thrive at Reading and Leeds in isolation, taken together, the line up appears messy and underpowered.

Blink-182 will always carry a weight of nostalgia and have improved drastically as a live outfit, but there is no doubt that their second headline stint in five years lacks both gravitas and impetus. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should hope to provide the latter. They represent the “risky booking” that isn’t remotely risky – these guys have the hits and are still close enough to their pop cultural moment in the sun that they should inspire a big crowd and bigger moments (presuming they are competent live).

[They both best deliver because Disclosure and The 1975 will take no prisoners and draw huge crowds on the NME stage]

Lower down the line up big opportunities have been given to You Me At Six and A Day To Remember, two R&L favourites who have slowly creeped up the line up. Their rise, while not undeserved, does feel arbitrary. They haven’t snatched their top billing with a clear breakthrough moment, instead they’ve hung around and put the work in (something that R&L can both rewards and dismiss).

Sunday doesn’t inspire on paper, but some of the stranger looking line ups have triumphed in the past.

3. Where has all the momentum gone?

Reading and Leeds Festival is enjoying a bounce back year by bucking the slumping sales trend – unfortunately this positive momentum isn’t mirrored among the festival’s young and upcoming bands.

The Festival is packed with talent (it always is) but, with the notable exception of dance’s big hitters, bands appear to be working their way up the line up on tenure rather than with a tangible groundswell of support. Warpaint and The Horrors enjoy prime placing despite making underwhelming comebacks. The Kooks have returned to the festival’s good graces for, presumably, nostalgic reasons, while bands like Temples, Cage The Elephant and Peace have seemingly stalled upwards.

Success stories still abound. The 1975, Chvrches and Vampire Weekend can all point to stellar years, while the big return of SBTRKT and the debut of Schoolboy Q should have festival fans licking their lips. Unfortunately, on paper it all feels a little stilted. Certain acts have been elevated above their station, but rather than looking at this as a failing – it should be seen as an opportunity to ask: who will use this platform to shine, who will stumble and which bands will make up for lost time?

4. Which acts from the smaller stages are worth finding time for?

Brody Dalle’s return to R&L on the Lock Up should be a must see for long time attendees and newcomers alike, not simply because of her long history with alternative music, but because her recent album, Diploid Love, was fantastic. If she’s still got it live, her new sounds should go down a storm at R&L (whisper it: it’s better than the old stuff). The Wonder Years might not have a top slot on the line up but they have the kind of back catalogue most headliners would kill for, expect an effortless triumph. What While She Sleeps have done to earn this massive demotion we will never know, but don’t miss this chance to see them in an intimate setting.

Danny Brown/Kwabs/Vic Mensea: not inspired by Sunday’s heavy hitters? Seen it all before? Well why not sample some of the finest hip hop around. Danny Brown is a ball of cocaine-fuelled energy capable of doing anything he sets his mind to,  Vice Mensa is a wunderkind blending house with irresistible hooks and a natural charisma that justifies his already ballooning hype and, finally, Kwabs is something a bit more chilled, something of a slowburner that rewards deeper listening. Not a bad Sunday night combination.

Wolf Alice/Circa Waves/The Amazing Snakeheads: Saturday night on the Festival Republic Stage certainly looks intriguing as three great young rock bands take play in short succession. Circa Waves are the rawest, but have the biggest pop potential with their easy indie hooks. Wolf Alice have been attempting to find their way for quite some time, trying their hand at different sounds and mastering pretty much all of them: expect beauty and disillusion. The Amazing Snakeheads are pure brutality. These post-punks will serve up a nightmarish Glaswegian Saturday night.

5. Will the Arctic Monkeys make up Reading for 2009? 

A lot was made of the Monkeys return to Glastonbury: they had headlined too soon and underwhelmed, 2013 was their chance at grand redemption and they smashed it. However, while a group of shy kids on their second album can be forgiven for succumbing to the bright lights of Britain’s biggest festival; the same lads, older, wiser and on their third album, should not have been given the same leeway at Reading 2009.

Many fans enjoyed their Humbug driven performance, but the majority made it known that they were underwhelmed and, perhaps worse, disappointed. The Monkeys have come on leaps and bounds as a live act since. They now understand that a headline performance is about satisfying a crowd and artfully arranging a setlist, rather than staring at their sneakers. More importantly, Alex Turner seems to legitimately enjoy playing live – it no longer feels like an inconvenience – and this is AM’s chance to repay the festival that gave the young band their big break in 2005.

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Bets are in for this year’s Secret Gig! /rumours/bets-are-in-for-this-years-secret-gig/ /rumours/bets-are-in-for-this-years-secret-gig/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:09:56 +0000 /?p=24207 As the weekend of Reading and Leeds comes closer, the speculation for this year’s secret band slot has already started going mad with suggestions. From The Libertines to The Prodigy, it seems almost any band could be coming to a tiny tent near you. Festival organiser Jon McIldowie has suggested that an arena-playing act wants in on the low-key action.

Two Door Cinema Club have been hotly tipped to be the playing secret gig – after dropping out from Latitude maybe the guys felt like they ‘owed’ it to their loyal fans? Whoever that might be… Or, there’s the Kaiser Chiefs. The Leeds lads have announced a 2015 tour, so could be whetting their whistle with a secret show at the weekend.


Will Slipknot get the metalheads going?

Another rumour is that Slipknot are the secret band. It sounds crazy to me, but maybe they’ll do a Greenday and headline next year if a secret gig goes down well. And why not? It’ll be like Reading 2002 again and everyone can mosh like the good old days. A Slipknot secret show would be quite a good shout as they’ve got a new album coming out soon, and it might make up for pulling out of their 2008 show due to Joey Jordison inconveniently breaking his ankle.

Naturally, every indie fan with a Reading or Leeds ticket has suggested that The Libertines might play the secret show. As far as we know, they might, as Pete Doherty has been quoted (on reliable source wikipedia) to say that they *are* the secret band. With Doherty’s track record though, it might be wise to take everything he says with a hefty pinch of salt.

So what do you think? Will metalheads rejoice to the sound of Slipknot or will every twat in a trilby hat sway along to The Libertines?

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The Most Useless App Ever! /news/the-most-useless-app-ever/ /news/the-most-useless-app-ever/#comments Tue, 19 Aug 2014 20:22:52 +0000 /?p=24202 An app that… well… here’s the bumph

Developed by the Workers Beer Company this app is designed to heighten your festival experience with information surrounding the bars and where to find them, all from your smart phone. The app displays opening times, price list’s, and GPS location of the bars throughout site. Not only that but this app also has a tent finder feature, so you can be sure that you will always find you tent at the end of the night!


So you could get the app or not. Chances are you’ll be better off without it.

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Babymetal Are Secret Band /news/babymetal-are-secret-band/ /news/babymetal-are-secret-band/#comments Tue, 19 Aug 2014 18:31:13 +0000 /?p=24197

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Tesco Replaces Salad With Jager and Vodka /news/tescoreplaces-salad-with-jager-and-vodka/ /news/tescoreplaces-salad-with-jager-and-vodka/#comments Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:15:41 +0000 /?p=24187 Taken from

A branch of Tesco in Reading has gone that extra mile to make sure it meets the demands of festival revellers this year, as the first of 90,000 festival-goers are expected to arrive tomorrow.

Pictures of shelves stacked wall to wall with beers and spirits have been circulating on social media the day before the Reading Festival campsite opens to Early Bird ticket holders on Wednesday.

Timothy Jeffcoat, a Reading resident who lives close to the Richfield Avenue festival site, said about four aisles at the West Extra store are currently stocked with alcohol ahead of the tens of thousands due to descend on the town.

He told The Independent salad baskets have been filled with Jagermeister and potato boxes are now home to bottles of vodka.

“The store is chaos during the festival, and if it’s wet, it gets really trashed too.”

A spokesperson for Tesco said it is expecting to serve 35,000 customers each day from festival goers buying supplies before heading to the camp site.

“We know from previous years just how important our store is to those attending the festival and we’re working really hard to make sure we’ve got everything they need, including food, wellies, tents and bedding. We’ll continue to stock everything our regular customers need for their normal weekly shop.”

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9 Artists at Reading and Leeds on Adverts /news/9-artists-at-reading-and-leeds-on-adverts/ /news/9-artists-at-reading-and-leeds-on-adverts/#comments Tue, 19 Aug 2014 13:19:00 +0000 /?p=24179  

It happens all the time – your friend tells you about a band they like, only to be met with a raised eyebrow and you claiming vehemently that you’ve never heard them in your life. Turns out you’re the fool though when your eyes light up as they play that song you heard on an advert the other week.

Here are some artists featured at the upcoming festivals that you might have thought you’ve never heard of before, or just didn’t know they’d been in an advert:


Jake Bugg – Lightning bolt

You may not have heard his other music, but chances are you’ve heard this song from his debut album originally titled ‘Jake Bugg.’

Reading: Main Stage – Saturday 23rd August
Leeds: Main Stage – Sunday 24th August


Metronomy – The Look

What you might have mistaken for simple background music is actually part of a longer song by Metronomy, whose latest album reached number seven in the UK charts.

Reading: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Friday 22nd August
Leeds: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Saturday 23rd August

Temples – Keep in the Dark

Here’s a more recent one, aired in July of this year. Since their formation in 2012 they’ve definitely received some attention, being referred to as the ‘best new band in Britain’ by Noel Gallagher.

Reading: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Friday 22nd August
Leeds: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Saturday 23rd August

Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix) [feat. Eliza Doolittle]

This Lacoste advert with the tagline ‘Life is a beautiful sport’ also features some beautiful music from Disclosure, one of the few who will be playing live on the NME stage.

Reading: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Sunday 24th August (live)
Leeds: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Friday 22nd August (live)

The Hives – Tick Tick Boom

You must have heard this one before – featured in the iconic Citroen ad. You know, the one with the swinging car? More recently they featured in the Xbox One advert aired last year, with their song ‘Come on’.

Reading: Main Stage – Saturday 23rd August
Leeds: Main Stage – Sunday 24th August

The Horrors – The Kraken

This Nissan Juke ad was hard to track down, but it features exclusively composed music by The Horrors –

Reading: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Sunday 24th August
Leeds: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Friday 22nd August

Maverick Sabre – Do Your Thing

This TK Maxx advert features singer-songwriter and rapper Maverick Sabre, perhaps known best for his single, ‘I need’.

Reading: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Sunday 24th August
Leeds: NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage – Friday 22nd August

Wilkinson – Half Light (feat Tom Cane)

Chances are you haven’t seen this recent ad by fashion retailer (unless you watch too much daytime TV). You might have heard the song before though, from the guy who brought you ‘Afterglow’.

Reading: BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage – Friday 22nd August
Reading: BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage – Saturday 23rd August (Special Guest)

You Me At Six – The Swarm

If you haven’t heard of You Me At Six before then you’ve probably been living under a rock. You might have missed their Thorpe Park TV ad a couple of years back though, featuring a personal favourite of mine, ‘The Swarm’.

Reading: Main Stage – Sunday 24th August
Leeds: Main Stage – Friday 22nd August

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