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Day Tickets

What are “Day Tickets”?

  • Tickets that allow you to go to the festival for the day

So how much and where from?

  • They range in price each year but in 2010 they started from £82.50 without booking fees so you’re looking around £85 for 2012
  • We strongly advise you to only get tickets from official vendors

So what’s the deal?

  • They allow you to go to the festival for the day
  • Under no circumstance are you allowed to camp at the festival the night before, or the night after
  • You’ll only be admitted into the festival on the day which your ticket is valid for
  • If you have 2 or more tickets (Friday, Saturday and Sunday day tickets for example) this does not mean you have a weekend ticket. You will not be able to camp.
  • Only people with a single valid weekend ticket can camp.
  • The earliest you can get in is Friday morning
  • You can stay until the entertainment finishes in the arena on the day your ticket is valid for but then you have to leave the festival
  • Day ticket holders can park their camp at green car park where a shuttle boat will take you to the festival itself
  • One day ticket covers only one person.
  • If you have 3 day tickets for Friday, this means that you can take 3 people into the festival for Friday
  • If you have a day ticket for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday, this means that only one person can go to the festival for one day at a time