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Early Bird Tickets

What is “Early Bird”?

  • This is not to be confused with the EARLY ENTRY TICKETS
  • When the festival finishes, there is a batch of tickets released for the year after at current prices
  • For example in 2009, the festival finished on Sunday 30th August. Tickets for Reading Festival 2010 went on sale the week after at 2009 prices

Why Should I Get It?

  • Historically there is a huge demand for tickets when they are released on general release in March/April.
  • The demand makes it quite hard to attain tickets and a lot of people are left without anything
  • This EARLY BIRD release doesn’t suffer from such demand and therefore you are more likely to get a ticket
  • In addition the ticket is priced at the same level as it was for the current year
  • For example the ticket in 2009 cost around £175. The price is pretty much guaranteed to rise each year. Tickets for 2012 will be more than £200.
  • The EARLY BIRD tickets released after Reading Festival 2009 will have Reading Festival 2009 prices i.e. £175 and not Reading Festival 2010 prices i.e. £175+

So What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • You have to pay for it all up front
  • The risk you have is that you do not know the lineup or that you don’t want to go anymore. You’re stuck with a ticket worth a lot
  • These tickets differ in no way from ones bought officially in the general sale the following year
  • You won’t get tickets delivered any slower or faster.
  • Your tickets won’t have any special design or any freebies.
  • The only difference between these tickets and the ones sold in the general release will be the price. Nothing else. Nadda.
  • You can buy a ticket in this release and a ticket in the general release and use them together if you want.
  • Just make sure you buy from an official vendor.

In Festival Republic’s wisdom, they have recently crossed what Early Entry and Early Bird means and then back again. We’re staying true to the original meanings i.e. early entry tickets allows you early entry into the festival and early bird tickets are for the “early birds” who get the tickets before the main release