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Early Entry Tickets

What is “Early Entry” and why?

  • This is not to be confused with the EARLY BIRD TICKETS
  • Festival Republic (the festival organisers) sell a limited number of tickets that allow people with a weekend festival ticket ONLY to come down on Wednesday.
  • This means you can come down before the chaos starts on Thursday, setup camp in an area that you can choose, with plenty of space and in relative comfort. It also gives you an extra night for the festival experience.

Sounds good, where can I buy them from?

  • They are sold on the net via various outlets but we suggest you use only the official ones
  • You can not purchase them on the day. Once they are sold out online, then they are sold out for good. They might sporadically come back online but make sure you buy it from official vendors only. None will be sold on the door or box office There actually isn’t a box office anymore)
  • If you have no luck and insist you want to go on Wednesday, you can try slipping the steward on the gate some money but beware, we don’t suggest you do this and failure to do get in will mean a day of waiting.
  • You can buy the early entry tickets without showing that you have a weekend pass BUT you will not be allowed in on Wednesday unless you have a FULL WEEKEND TICKET and an EARLY ENTRY PASS.
  • Just one last time – you need a FULL WEEKEND TICKET in order to make use of your EARLY ENTRY TICKET

What’s the Damage?

  • After booking fees, P&P etc you are looking at around £10 – £15 PER PERSON; They must have a WEEKEND FESTIVAL TICKET.
  • Quite simply – no early entry ticket, no Wednesday entry. No full weekend ticket (not 3 day tickets), no Wednesday entry.

So I got my ticket – what now?

  • Official entry is not until around 6pm but everytime the early entry tickets have been for sale, we’ve been there for around 2pm and got in. We’re told officially that it is 6pm but the license allows it from 2pm onwards if it’s needed
  • If it’s not open – just simply wait an hour or two, not much you can do about it.
  • Bring drink and food to see you through.
  • Be aware that there are no toilets so be prepared
  • It’s not as busy as Thursday/Friday. In our opinion, it’s quite alright and there should be minimum stress from the day if everything has been prepared.
  • Go to WHICHEVER CAMP YOU WANT. Rumours spring up each year about where you can camp. This is rubbish – you can camp wherever you want (within reason!)
  • We advise for you to get camp sorted ASAP. This should really take no longer than 1 hour.

Right – all sorted. What’s on the agenda?

  • There are toilets, water points and food available for you once you get there so no need to rush off.

In Festival Republic’s wisdom, they have recently crossed what Early Entry and Early Bird means and then back again. We’re staying true to the original meanings i.e. early entry tickets allows you early entry into the festival and early bird tickets are for the “early birds” who get the tickets before the main release