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Lock Up Announcement: Live Blog!

So in fifteen minutes the Mike Davies show starts, and that means the Lock Up announcement, and exclusive interviews can’t be far away. I’ll be here all night to give you the low down on the line up.

Lets hope like hell Mike talks slower than Zane.

Here we go…

Ooooh playing last year’s headliners you tease. Okay next announcement coming soon, I’ll try my best to get this right folks.

Mike talks nice and slow thankfully.

The Black Pacific: The First Announcement

1. We have The Black Pacific and we have an interview: Jim Linberg (of Pennywise) is hyped to be getting back to basics and building from the ground up.

Strictly Our Opinion: Started with a low key crowd pleaser, solid booking.

NOTE TO ZANE LOWE: This Is How You Announce Bands!

2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are your first headliner, did I mention how much I love Mike’s slow relaxed talking style.

Strictly Our Opinion: Well that’s a surprise, Bosstones are really not my thing, but… they are a definite coup for Reading and Leeds there is no doubting that.

3. Off have just been announced, included ex-Black Flag member(s).

Lay off the love in Mike…okay your doing this ┬ájob so much better than Zane, I’ll let it slide.

4. Boy Sets Fires back together (apparently) and back on the bill.

Note: All our Punk/Hardcore experts have 6am starts tomorrow so you’re stuck with me, Mr. Pop/tronica so my apologies at any gaps in my knowledge I’m trying my best.

Capdown, everyone and their mother likes this announcement.

5. Capdown are being announced I’m guessing (we called this one for sure). This should cheer people up. Great Stuff.

6. So who is up next (I wish I knew Punk better, I could get everyone from the songs), Mike likes Gaga that makes him awesome, Spy Catcher.

7. DECSENDENTS! Headlining? Interesting.

8. Left Over Crack

9. The King Blues have been announced, yeah I was right.

10. Teenage Bottle Rocket: ha “Skate or Die” I swear everyone thinks that’s a cool name for a song when their thirteen, genitalia pending.

The Bronx! Stacked Line Up Or What?

11. The Bronx! Fuck Yes! New Record will not be out.

12. Mariacha El Bronx! New Record will be out.

13. So who’s up next Mike…stalling…okay he’s feeling good that’s nice…Face To Face.

Strictly Our Opinion: I’m not an expert but this line up is looking pretty…pretty…good, no?

14.ComeBack Kid! Away, another one we called (I think).

15. Title Fight

16. Mouthwash, I really dislike Ska (sorry), well The Specials are exempt from that.


Festival Favourites: King Blues return

Yes it’s official King Blues was correct. Itch gave the game away earlier in the day though. Very surprised that they aren’t headlining, maybe that’s just me.

“Descendants who knows how that’s going to be” that’d diplomatic Itch. While these bands aren’t to my taste per se it’s nice to see so much camaraderie among the acts.

17. Stop dragging it out Mike…seriously….seriously….Flogging Molly.

Strictly Our Opinion: Not exactly inspired booking, but they keep coming back for a reason, always a crowd pleaser, how many supposed Irishmen with Scouse and Cockney accents are suddenly going to turf up during their set.

18. The Street Dogs: the lead singer has a hang over, I still have one from Camden Crawl, I keep hearing “Wolf Gang” and “Swag” reverberating around my skull too.

Strictly Our Opinion: Closing with only Desmond Dekker? Pfft…I always close on Eno, regardless of circumstance.

Hot Water Music, much requested, on the Bill

19. Cerebral Ballzy were awesome at Camden Crawl yesterday, crap crowd, I hear their forum set later was utterly mental. They’ve not been announce btw, yet anyway, the actually announced band is…come on…spill…The Menzingers.

Okay is it just me or has Mike clearly lost the line up page for Saturday Reading/Sunday Leeds judging by these announcements.

20. Hot Water Music: wow another crowd pleaser. I’m going to be hearing about this line up for months, I can tell.

21. We’re nearly there people, thanks for bearing with me….we’re predicting H20, Saves The Day and maybe D.R.U.G.S and Mike says….Sharks

22. Bedouin Soundclash…he’s having a bubble surely? I’ll wait to bold that (so unexpected if true). It’s REAL, It’s DAMN REAL!

23. Your Demise: Blllarrrgh (that’s a good thing)

24. Super Special Guests: weak.

Strictly Our Opinion: Seems to be something for everyone, and there seem to be a lot of very happy on Twitter, Facebook and ORF. Good work Radio One.

Headliners: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Descendants!

The Rest: The Black Pacific,Off, Capdown, Bronx, Mariachi El Bronx, Face To Face, Boy Sets Fire, Teenage Bottle Rocket, King Blues, Spycatcher, Left Over Crack, Comeback Kid, Title Fight, Mouth Wash, Flogging Molly, Street Dogs, The Menzingers, Hot Water Music, Sharks, Bedouin Soundclash, Your Demise

Unspecified Day: Off, Capdown, Boy Sets Fires, Teenage Bottle Rocket, King Blues, Spycatcher, Left Over Crack, Face To Face, Title Fight, Mouth Wash, Street Dogs, Hot Water Music, Sharks, Bedouin Soundclash

The Mighty Mighty Bosstunes your Lock Up Headliners!

Saturday (Reading)/Leeds (Sunday):

The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones

The Bronx

Mariachi El Bronx (stage unknown)



Descendents Headliners, hopefully the voice holds up.

Sunday (Reading)/ Leeds (Friday):

Descendants (Headliner)

Flogging Molly

Special Guests

The Black Pacific

The Menzingers


Your Demise



That’s All From Me. I did my best. I’ll try and sort the days out as soon as they are made obvious. Thanks for sticking with me.

Scott and co will be by tomorrow with his reaction and we’ll be having some special punk features this week.

I promise someone who listens to punk and doesn’t think it achieved perfection in the 1970s will be doing this next year.



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