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The grand old tradition of band bottling

Anyone who’s ever been to a big music festival can tell you that one of the more bizarre traditions of the weekend is the bottling of bands. Every year some poor unsuspecting musician gets to enjoy the attention of dozens of piss filled bottles. Whether you find it disgustingly childish or all part of the festival fun, you can be sure to see a few airborne catheter bags this weekend.

What makes a seemingly normal person piss into a bottle? Well, it could be the amount of effort it takes to extricate yourself from the crowd and queue for a horrendously smelling portaloo. That you have a severe dislike for a specific musician or even genre of music. Or simply that you can’t stand an act’s outfit and reckon they’d look a lot better covered in urine.

Who wouldn't want to throw piss at this lot?

Who wouldn’t want to throw piss at this lot?

Reading and Leeds festival has hosted countless of serious names in rock music over the years and attracts a lot of hard core fans, a portion of who relish in throwing whatever they can get their reprobate hands on. One of the more notable incidents is the 2004 bottling of 50 Cent, who lasted a measly twenty minutes before storming off the stage mid set, it’s been reported that the crowd was reacting to his bad attitude but it could also be that the Green Day fans were getting a little restless.

It’s often the more alternate or wild card acts that have to duck and block the piss filled missiles. Panic! At the disco’s Brendan Urie stuck it out in 2006, picking up right where he left off after receiving help backstage whereas Daphne and Celeste only managed two songs before walking off and supposedly broke up over the incident. Rubbish Pop fans everywhere wept, possibly.

Could the crowd take inspiration from the successful bottling of 50 Cent and target a hip hop artist or might it be Gerard Way battling off the bottles for a second time? Tell us, who would you cover in urine this year?



Author: Eleanor Stores

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