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Truck Festival Preview

In less than a month, Oxford’s own Truck Festival will be hosted at Hill Farm, Steventon. Featuring acts from across the alternative bracket, such as shoe gazing goths The Horrors, the power-trio of The Subways, and genre bending hip hop act Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. A staple of the UK’s smaller festival scene, Truck is the brainchild of  team behind Y-Not Festival. Here’s 5 reasons it you should definitely consider snapping up a late ticket. William Sorenson


It’s one thing to love your country, guys, but it’s a whole other thing to love it’s music scene. Truck Festival encapsulates the cream of the crop when it comes to emerging and breakthrough British acts. From the tripped out math rock from The Physics House Band, to Northern Ireland’s And So I Watch You From Afar, who are taking the live circuit by storm, you’re guaranteed to get the best UK underground music over the two days. Between pop and hip hop, country to metal, the true variety of our music taste is properly represented here.

4: It’s a Rock and Roll Village Fair

No matter what county you’re from, you don’t have beatboxing there. You don’t have jazz funk there. You might have House there if you live in Camden. At Truck, all the intricacies and intimacies of a village fair are mashed together with a raw party atmosphere that could only really be done at a festival where one stage is known best not for say; looking like a pyramid or being adorned in red and yellow…No no…This is the kind of festival, where a stage is best known for its smell.

I didn’t say it was a good reason.

3: Rolo Tomassi

Anyone that knows me personally will have seen this coming, but it has to be seen. As if the insane talent already discussed wasn’t enough, my absolute favourite Sheffield experimentalists Rolo Tomassi will be there, touring their new album, Astraea. Taking you through massive synth atmospherics, the heaviest breakdowns you’ll hear this year, and epic proggy ventures, there are few reasons not to see this gem of a band at Truck Festival. They have quite a relationship with the festival too, they played in their infancy and now they return as a well known and acclaimed British treasure.


Right this is going to seem lame as all hell, but I firmly believe if there is any evidence that Truck cares about its fans, it’s their website. It’s the little things really. Where you would find yourself frustrated by a major festival’s lack of attention, Truck Festival fills those gaps and adds all the bells and whistles. Go and check it out because the love and attention for the clientele is there, especially when you see their clash finder. To be frank, I just wanna pay for that clash finder to be on every festivals website because it’s PERFECT. No messing around with stage times or stage clashes, just straight up ease of use.

1: The Horrors

Providing the worst clash of hearts I’ve ever had in my entire life, The Horrors are going to be headlining on the Sunday. With each album, Horrors receive praise both from critics and fans, and with each tour they’ve evolved as live performers, improving their live show time after time. Coming straight from (well, a fortnight after) their Park Stage headlining position at Glastonbury , I urge you – see this band now. With their next album under their belt and new material debuting at Truck I can assure you this is a fleeting oppurtunity.

Truck Festival is on sale now with limited spaces, £74 available only online.



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