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Why Reading and Leeds Don’t Release Times Like Other Festivals

So it’s a piece of piss for Festival Republic to publish the times in an easy to read format on their website so why don’t they do it? Bottom line is they want you to spend money on the laminate and/or get the mobile app (which is free but probably subsidised by sponsors and adverts).

Other festivals manage to do it though

Good point imaginary person. I mean pretty much every other festival around this planet gives you the times way before the festival starts so you can compare who you’re going to see with mates and properly plan ahead. Let’s not forget the advertising opportunities and digital innovations one could do if they had the times on the website. Instead it’s a mammoth ballache to click on each artist, knowing what time Macklemore is on so you can avoid the surrounding area.

Sure we could supply them to you for free in a beautiful way but we don’t fancy getting sued again (we were threatened with legal action a few years ago for supplying the times that were publicly available around the internet but not by Festival Republic it must be said). I mean, why would a site dedicated to the festivals be allowed to provide that info? Pfft.

I mean it’s not as if there are sites out there dedicated to providing clash finders (there totally is) and it’s beyond the realms of possibility that someone somewhere will produce a printable version to have (they totally will). I mean, if someone else is going to benefit from it then why not pull your finger out and do it yourself? It could come with all sorts of branding and sponsorship on it for all I care but seriously, at the time of writing (a day before a lot of people leave for the festival) only main stage times are out.

Does anyone at FR actually venture out of their guest areas or know what it’s like to be a fan, paying for festivals and camping amongst the crap? I guess not.



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