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Bets are in for this year’s Secret Gig!

As the weekend of Reading and Leeds comes closer, the speculation for this year’s secret band slot has already started going mad with suggestions. From The Libertines to The Prodigy, it seems almost any band could be coming to a tiny tent near you. Festival organiser Jon McIldowie has suggested that an arena-playing act wants in on the low-key action.

Two Door Cinema Club have been hotly tipped to be the playing secret gig – after dropping out from Latitude maybe the guys felt like they ‘owed’ it to their loyal fans? Whoever that might be… Or, there’s the Kaiser Chiefs. The Leeds lads have announced a 2015 tour, so could be whetting their whistle with a secret show at the weekend.


Will Slipknot get the metalheads going?

Another rumour is that Slipknot are the secret band. It sounds crazy to me, but maybe they’ll do a Greenday and headline next year if a secret gig goes down well. And why not? It’ll be like Reading 2002 again and everyone can mosh like the good old days. A Slipknot secret show would be quite a good shout as they’ve got a new album coming out soon, and it might make up for pulling out of their 2008 show due to Joey Jordison inconveniently breaking his ankle.

Naturally, every indie fan with a Reading or Leeds ticket has suggested that The Libertines might play the secret show. As far as we know, they might, as Pete Doherty has been quoted (on reliable source wikipedia) to say that they *are* the secret band. With Doherty’s track record though, it might be wise to take everything he says with a hefty pinch of salt.

So what do you think? Will metalheads rejoice to the sound of Slipknot or will every twat in a trilby hat sway along to The Libertines?



Author: Chelsea Brown

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