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Lock-Up Stage Preview

With the Lock-Up Stage less than 24 hours from being announced, it’s time to take a look at the potential bands that could be gracing Reading and Leeds Festival attendees with their presence this summer.

Self Confirmed:

Mike Davies has kept us on our toes for the last few months, dropping subtle hints frequently on the Radio 1 Punk Show. The first act we think will be playing the stage, and possibly the most obvious, is Descendents. Giving a self-confirmation to a Groezrock backstage attendee, we had it on good authority they would be playing. But after what could only be described as a complete disaster of a performance at their London show on Monday, leading to a late cancellation on Tuesday due to Milo blowing out his vocal chords, the band had little choice but to officially self-confirm their presence.

Another potential confirmation that we caught early on was from Comeback Kid, and should this self-confirmation come true, then the Lock-Up will be treated to a complete frenzy of a show, most likely late evening, giving them time to blitz through hit after hit from their four album discography.

Two more confirmed from the Groezrock pile, with Saves The Day‘s Chris Conely giving the game away, leaving us in hope for some hits from “Stay What You Are” and “In Reverie” this summer. H2O are the other band in question, making their return to the festival after 2008′s fantastic performances at both Reading and Leeds.

Saves The Day's Chris Conely self-confirms their attendance

Strongly Rumoured:

Dropkick Murphys are a name that’s being thrown around at the moment, not just as a Lock-Up band, but as the headliners as well! The rumour mill has been very strong for them in the last fortnight, with speculation rising after a photo taken of a poster was placed on the Internet. We personally think that it’s a fake here, tracing the Photobucket account to a group of fake posters, but we don’t think that the creator was far off the mark.

Face To Face have a show at the Kingston Peel on the Tuesday before the festival, with The Flatliners as support, surely that would warrant both of them as likely attendees?

Your Demise, while not being specific, have declared that they will be also making a major festival announcement on Tuesday, leaving it almost certain to be part of this week’s Lock-Up announcement. This would be their first time at the two festivals, and while some fans may be dismissive of the band since George Noble’s abrupt departure in 2009, current frontman Ed McCrae has made a storming effort to win back fans, aided by the release of 2011′s “The Kids We Used To Be” as well as giving their all live, showing hardcore charm and charisma that you’d want from a Lock-Up act.

Our next lead of strong rumours takes us to Scotland, with the Rock N’ Roll Damnation Festival taking place from August 22nd – 29th with five headline shows announced so far. Those announced include New Found Glory, The Blackout, the already mentioned Face To Face, but more importantly, Flogging Molly and The Bronx (and Mariachi El Bronx). Having both played the Lock-Up in the past and being on British soil around the weekend of the two festivals, it would seem almost silly to not have them play, wouldn’t it?

A tip off from our own Facebook page has given us hints that Capdown, Madball and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will be playing on the same day as Glassjaw. Capdown have already played a London date in May, and have already got a tour in early August, culminating with Rebellion and Hevy festival appearances. Could this be a factor in them not playing? Possibly, but then you have to remember that they don’t tour as much as they used to, plus Reading and Leeds was one of the classic stop-off points for the band, having played the festival five times in the last decade.


Capdown - Return of the Ska Wars?

In a similar vein to Capdown, Bouncing Souls are also doing dates with a Rebellion and Hevy Festival appearance included. However, their approach is different, as they will be playing two different albums each night from their back catalogue for four nights at the O2 Academy Islington in London. With this in mind, perhaps there is little need to facilitate a date at both Reading and Leeds, but like Capdown, the Bouncing Souls also like to make a stop off at the Lock-Up Stage. With the band still in Europe in late August, it is totally plausible to consider them making an appearance.

Other strong contenders for spots on the stage include Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, The Arteries and Street Dogs, all playing gigs in the month leading up to the festival.

Outsider Bets:

Millencolin and Strike Anywhere have been in the rumour mill, but is there anything to suggest that they will be back in the UK in August? Personally, I think Millencolin are more likely to play Sonisphere as they are already playing the Relentless NASS Festival during the same weekend. I also expect a headline date in London to accompany this. Strike Anywhere are touring Europe in August, but they then return home for a gig on the 19th August, possibly bringing their Euro run to an end before Reading and Leeds. There is every chance that they could both still play though.

We feel adamant that The King Blues would have to headline the Lock-Up in this day and age, and while we will stick to our guns with Dropkick Murphys and Descendents both headlining, I feel it is safe to say that should we be wrong, then The King Blues are one of the other potential choices of headliner.

Yellowcard, Donots, Letlive have all had their names dropped around forums too, and with the bands having dates around the festival, perhaps it’s not a ridiculous notion to consider all of these to command their place on the stage.

Letlive: Giving Post-Hardcore a new lease of life in 2011

Set Your Goals have an announcement tomorrow as well, although they have since corrected the date as Wednesday for the announcement. Either way, it’s expected to be a taster from their upcoming album and not a festival appearance.

This is a rank outsider, but there is a chance that Lars Frederiksen‘s new project, the Old Firm Casuals could play should they end up touring Europe this summer.

I wouldn’t put money on Pennywise or NOFX, for they would have to command high slots, which given the strong rumours already in the mix, would mean that they have to be either a secret set or that one or two of our stronger rumours are wrong. Pennywise are touring in early August, so it may be safer to rule them out, but with NOFX still nearby, there is still a remote chance that they could play, even with the evidence stacked against them.

We did originally pin No Use For A Name as being highly likely due to their touring schedule, but it turns out that they will be touring over two out of the three days of the festival weekend, making it impossible to play both shows.

The Double Set:

We expect as per usual for there to be a double set during the weekend. It usually happens on the same day that the act plays, but last year NOFX were the exception to the rule, giving a Reading-exclusive second set the day after their mainstage performance. This year the same could happen again with Rise Against and New Found Glory both having experience headlining the stage in the last few years.

Jimmy Eat World could do the double set on Reading’s Saturday and Leeds’ Sunday, but as you may already be aware, they have already done the double set in 2007 and would be a bit uninspiring for them to do it again, considering there are other choices on other days that could prove more exciting.

On Reading’s Sunday and Leeds’ Friday, we have Frank Turner playing the main stage for the first time. Could he be the one to do the double set this year? Mike Davies has given mild hints that it could be him on his radio show whilst talking about secret sets. However, with the folk-punk superstar already playing the festival every year since 2008, with secret sets already taking place on the Introducing stage in 2009, it would be an unoriginal decision, given that the final choice has all the right ingredients to be the double set this year.

Enter Taking Back Sunday, who appear to be the most eligible candidates this year, having recently reformed with the original line-up and playing their debut album “Tell All Your Friends” in full on USA dates. What could make this show special is the chance to debut new material from their upcoming self-titled album (which will be released by Reading and Leeds) on the main stage, allowing for either a classics set, or at best, “Tell All Your Friends” having full playback in the Lock-Up.

Strictly Our Opinion: We’ve taken a very educated approach to the bands that could be playing this year, and while we have not mentioned every band that could take to the stage this year, it at least seems like we have the bands most likely to play covered.

Based on all the information given with rumours and self-confirmations, there is the potential for the Lock-Up to be the greatest line-up we have seen in years. Should Descendents, Dropkick Murphys, Comeback Kid and Capdown all make an appearance, all of those looking to spend most of their weekend in the punk rock tent will be treated to highly energetic performances from some of the world’s greatest.

Regardless of who is announced, the rumours this year have been great fun and are really generating the excitement that was missed from the original announcements back in March. Get stoked everybody, we are less than twenty four hours away from having the Lock-Up prospectively improving our festival!




Author: Scott

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