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Buy Or Sell: Reading 2012 THE AFTERMATH

It’s our first ever three way Buy Or Sell, as three top Strictly writers tackle the 2012 edition of our favourite festival.

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Reading 2012 Review: Foo Fighters

On the 20th Anniversary of that Nirvana set, the Foo Fighters headline Reading festival, but were they your perfect festival closer or a bitter let down?

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Reading 2012 Review: Mongol Horde

Reading without Frank Turner? It’s unthinkable, but fear not, he’s back with new band Mongol Horde.

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The Top 100 Reading Anthems 2012 (35-1)

The Top 100 Reading Anthems has reached it’s end point, but who will come out on top? Kasabian? The Foos? The Cure? Or maybe a lower card act will upset the apple cart.

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The Top 100 Reading Anthems – Pt.IV (65-50)

The Countdown rolls on as Foo Fighters, The Cure and The Cribs make their first appearance on our list.

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